Oh My Gods

Alexandra Sheppard’s debut Oh My Gods is the story of Helen Thomas the half mortal daughter of Zeus. Following the death of her mother Helen has been living with her grandmother, now that she is getting older it is harder for her to look after Helen and she moves back to London and in with her godly family.

Her father Zeus is living as a history professor, half sister Aphrodite is a make up artist who launches a beauty YouTube channel, half brother Apollo is the famous DJ Sunny who struggles to keep his music from bewitching mortals, and Eros, Aphrodite’s son and Helen’s nephew, the chilled out traveller and relationship guru .

Helen struggles to fit into her family, as the only mixed race and half mortal member, and her school, moving mid year and making new friends.

As Zeus gets distracted, he isn’t there to reign in the Gods fully embrace and embody their personas,

Helen finds herself the parent in a household of self indulgent immortal children. Trying to keep them from being discovered and on top of her homework doesn’t get any easier when Helen meets a boy. Will Helen be able to juggle her social life and keep a lid on the family secret or will she find herself in a godly mess?

Oh my Gods is fun and funny. I loved the roles the gods found to fit them and how they just can’t help but need to be worshipped. The relationships of Helen and her family, her friends, and her love interest are well written and relatable.



Last Sunday I went to the CHCCYAFest in Chadwell Heath.

Of course being an obsessively early person, I was an hour early, and was absolutely forced to sit reading in the sunshine – Tragic right?

The first panel World Collide covered books where real life and the mystical, magical and mythological worlds entwine.


Yaba Badoe spoke about the sister magic of 3 girls around the world all born as dusk comes in. A time known as Wolf Light (also the title of her book). The girls become custodians of their respective homes, protecting their heritage, the environment, and connecting with each other.

Alexandra Sheppard’s debut Oh My Gods is the story of Helen Thomas the half mortal daughter of Zeus. Following the death of her mother Helen has been living with her grandmother, now that she is getting older it is harder for her to look after Helen and she moves back to London and in with her godly family. Between moving school, making friends, a cute boy, and keeping her family’s secret, which will be the hardest struggle?

In Kim Curran’s Slay series boy band Slay rock the world by day and hunt demons by night. What better cover for travelling the world and how better to fund it? Demon possession rising, a plot to raise Tezcatlipoca the Aztec god of death and darkness, and a world tour. It more than lives up to its premise of Supernatural meets One Direction.

b000dec5-61a5-416a-b40d-8357cafac8c1Panel 2 Debuts, the different journeys to get published and the books of Kate Mallinder, Sarah Ann Juckes, and Gabriel Dylan.

Kate Mallinder’s The Summer of No Regrets is the story of 4 friends who pledge to make their summer regret free.

In Sarah Ann Juckes’ Outside Ele has been kept in the room by the man as long as she can remember. But she knows the outside is real and she’s going to prove it.

Students enjoying school ski trip in a small mountain town get snowed in. Only to discover the towns secret is a bigger problem than the storm when they start disappearing. Whiteout by Gabriel Dylan promises to be a gripping read.

Next up is a conversation with Laura Croyton, who I heard speak on International Women’s day.


LOL YA with Chloe Seager and Simon James Green was fantastic fun. Tales of Chloe and Simons teen years in London suburbs or rural towns and how they shaped and reflected in those of Emma and Noah.

Art with Alice. Alice Oseman spoke about her art and influences in this class to round off the day.

I missed the quiz (but my loves and their team won!) and went home exhausted from an amazing day.

I can’t wait until next year!

Bout of books 25 – halfway there

It’s Wednesday, and we’re halfway through bout of books 25.

So far I’ve managed an audiobook – Chris Carter’s Night Stalker, a whole book – Slay by Kim Curran, and I’m part way through the upcoming The Girl in Red by Christina Henry.

The Instagram challenges are fun, and though I missed the twitter chat it hasn’t stopped me.

Not bad considering I went to the Waterstones Kensington YA thrillers event last night.

How are you doing?

Countdown to Pyjamarama

It’s 4 weeks until Pyjamarama!

And just over 3 until I begin my festivities with games and prizes.

My itinerary for the week is:

Monday 3rd will be Favourite Pyjamas, show my your most loved jammies.

Tuesday 4th is for your Best loved bedtime story, is it a childhood favourite, one you read to your child, or one someone special read to you?

Wednesday 5th it’s time to tell me Whatcha reading, current reads and what you think of them.

Thursday 6th show me your Bedtime books/tbr, what’s up next? Or what do you read at bedtime? Are you a nighttime horror reader or a late night romantic?

Friday 7th it’s the finale Pyjama party & selfie! Tiny Satan and I are having a pyjama party and read. Grab your snacks, your blankets, and party! #tdbpyjamarama

And by party I absolutely mean read.

The Furies

Suffering from survivors guilt after the car accident that killed her father and younger sister, and living with her emotionally distant mother, Violet is given an opportunity to study her A levels at the prestigious girls school Elm Hollow.

Shy and unsure of herself Violet hopes to find the friendships she has always struggled to and she does. Drawn to Robin, Grace and Alex who are struggling with their own loss. The missing Emily, previous best friend to Robin. Emily was last seen on the cliffs, the well known suicide point in the sleepy seaside town.

At school Violet catches the attention of the enigmatic art teacher Annabel, who holds a secret class for 4 select students. Sessions for discussing art, mythology, the history of Elm Hollow and the founder Ms Boucher, who was burnt for witchcraft at the wych elm in the school grounds.

Mystery and witchcraft, peer pressure and revenge. The furies shows what happens when toxic relationships meet the desire to fit in.

Bout of Books 25

This will take you to the sign up page

I love a readathon for motivating me to blast my TBR. Bout of books is a weeklong readathon that runs 3 times a year. Round 25 is Monday May 13th until Sunday May 19th.

My plan is to attack my YALC list. A list which I intend to make more manageable and sensible than last years was.

This week I’m planning my books, and snacks, and waiting to see what challenges await.

Oh My Gods

Teenager Helen is the half mortal daughter of Zeus, who has been living in Derby (?) with Grandma Thomas since her mum died. But now she is moving back to London and in with her father Zeus and some of her godly relations.

There are some rules

Rule 1) Gods must not reveal their immortal identity unless there are extraordinary circumstances

Rule 2) Gods must not use their powers to meddle in the lives of mortals

Any missteps and the Mount Olympus Council will put them in trial. Punishment could mean exiling them to Mount Olympus or strip them of their powers and immortality.

Moving mid year Helen juggles school, new friends, and hiding her family secret. But the gods find it hard to keep their talents hidden even when it means risking exposure.

A forbidden party, blackmail, ambition, fame, and a boy who makes Helen neglect her friends all come to a head when the romance distracted Zeus regains his focus.

Throw in an old enemy of Zeus’ and a plot for revenge and it’s almost impossible to not get caught out.

Can they fight their way through and come out on top and as a family?

I really enjoyed Oh my gods. It was a fun read and a great story.